Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Paul the Plumber from Bundoran

Wonder what Paul the plumber from Bundoran has been up to the past few weeks. Probably fixed some leaky taps, fitted a heating system or bathroom then gone down The Chasing Bull had a few beers with the boys, harassed the band playing then did some lunges and maybe a press up or 2.
I on the other hand got towed into a wave at Mullaghmore which ended up getting some XXL attention which got me on the telly at home and abroad, the cover of a surf mag, made back page on the North Devon Journal, was in the Gold Coast Bulletin in Aus and just pretty much got global surfing attention. You could say I wasn’t expecting that and I do apologise if towards the end of the week you were bored senseless and tired of seeing or hearing about it, it wasn't completely my fault. Rather than bore everyone even more with the same shot by posting my cover shot or the XXL entry I thought a photo of me and Paul would be more appropriate, I am missing him.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


What a week, I could tell you all about my surf induced twitter breakdown or my new mate Paul the plumber from Bundoran who I was harassing the band with as I do, in the chasing bull last friday night or even the fact that I was over it all, packed away my boards and swore blind I’d never return to Ireland let alone live here for months on end but at the last minute just couldn't leave and decided to stay for just 4 more days and see it through. Although all 3 would make far more interesting blogging and reading I’ve opted for the more professional approach and will focus on mully and my first wave I caught on Thursday morning at 10.06am.
Mullaghmore was the first wave I ever surfed in Ireland years ago when Al Mennie invited me over to come paddle with him after he felt he needed to prove a point that Ireland had bigger waves than Madeira. Since then we’ve had our ups and downs, I’ve lost a ski out there, a knee brace and had kicking’s that have left me unable to walk for days but this wave was worth waiting for and I’m stoked I went with my heart and not my brain, thank you Ireland, thank you Mullaghmore and of course thank you Al. I’ll be sure to come back.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dustbin dicks

Am I being completely out of order when I say that bin men in the UK are generally a little bit annoying and that’s being nice, yes of course I am making a generalisation and of course I’m sure there are exceptions but on the whole my take on the bin men in the UK is they’d do anything or find any reason not to take your rubbish which at the end of the day is what their paid for, and the recycle guys well that’s another story but they usually throw more recycling all over the floor than they do in the actual trucks.
It never used to be like this, I remember when I was a lad many moons ago my folks used to put all sorts of crap out for the bin men in a vast array of different quantities and they’d pretty much always take it therefore my folks always gave them a little tip for Christmas, nothing mental but It only takes a few people on every street to do this and there quids in. That’s how it was and everyone was happy, after all it all ends up in the same place. Not now though, not in the black wheelie bin not a chance seems to be the general situation at home.
However over the past few months I’ve come to realise the bin men in Ireland seem to be cut from a different cloth, it doesn’t matter how much rubbish you put out they’ll always take it which goes for the recycling guys too, it’s so refreshing and very handy as I haven’t put the bins out for 2 weeks now and we’ve got a shit load of rubbish.
Hope there not expecting a tip we’re moving out soon.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Team twat

There we are look, Team twat. I always used to take the piss out of my mates who played Angry Birds on their iphones especially when they used to bang on about what level they were at and how brilliant it was, as they sat there wasting their lives playing on their iphones, well that was until I actually got one then downloaded the thing. Now my obsessive compulsive behaviour has gone off the richter scale and I can’t put the fecking thing down, none of this is helped by Lyndon who is also slightly obsessed by this silly game himself. I am very easily led and influenced and it was sort of his fault I picked up this addiction in the first place.
Surf what surf? I did hear though that it has been pumping and although I have driven down to check it a few times I usually just sit in my van and play angry birds rather than put a stinking cold wetsuit on and waste my time in the sea. Can anyone help me out on world 16 level 8? I’m having a shocker.