Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Herding Cats

I’m Ross, a.k.a Andy and my friend Cotty asked me to produce a few words for his blog, so he can slack off from updating it himself for a couple weeks… I’m going talk to you about the recovery from our stag do in Barcelona last week, I can’t remember much, and what I can I haven’t come to terms with myself yet. 16 of us made the trip entitled ‘Barcelunacy’, and contrary to popular belief most of us made it back after successfully putting a financial rescue package straight into the heart of the economy. We felt we played a big part in stabilising the country allowing Xabi Alonso and co to concentrate on knocking France out of Euro 2012 (don’t worry Cotton he’s a famous kickballer, there’s a big ‘kickballing’ competition on at the moment) So I’m writing this from my bed, its 10.15pm on a Saturday night and those of you who have met me know this is an unusual place to find me at this point in the week, a week on and I’m still ruined, I’ve caught some stupid bug that’s kickin’ my ass, why me? I’m normally the one who laughs in the face of all nighters at Glastonbury, not this time, this time my numbers up! Yet everyone else was back to the grind within a couple days… Cotty swam the beach in under 8 minutes on Tues (B.S.D) Jonesy (last man standing) went to work after a 3hours sleep, straight back in the rhythm. A. Blake was running his boot camps and yoga sessions on Tuesday. I. Blake steadily worked his way through list of jobs his pregnant girlfriend had kindly left for him, he almost enjoyed it, same again next time Tam. Macca text saying he was enjoying a 4pk of Stella on Tuesday night. I gather Rim, Rob, Neil, Si, Horley, Turner and Lyndon(the quiet one) all integrated back into society with relative ease Only Josh complained a lot, of feeling anxious, vulnerable and shivery. The Bevans’ status is still unknown, I wrote their postcodes on their arms if found please return, we like them. So in conclusion I’ve decided I can’t handle it anymore and I’m hanging up my party hat……for now anyway.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I’ve got amazing mates, there amazing in so many different ways. Each individual and bringing something a little different to the group every time and the best bit about it is there not all surf, surf, surf which although we all do enjoy it it’s not the only thing in life that can put a smile on your face. So I had my stag do last weekend, as you can imagine it was carnage from the second I left my front door. 16 extreme individuals roaming Barcelona for a whole weekend, but it wasn’t your stereotypical stag where I got made to wear silly costumes, having to do ridiculous for fits or got tied to a lamppost, humiliated and left for the night. Let’s face it there’s just no need. Like I said everyone contributed something a little different and in some cases a little strange which was a relief as no one judged and the focus wasn’t all on me for the weekend and everyone just behaved like themselves with no peer pressure to be something they’re not or someone they don’t want to be. We spent the majority of the weekend practicing our sprinting up and down the boardwalk as A Blake demonstrates above. Another average weekend really.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3 Wise Men

I love my iPhone. It's that obsessive compulsive behaviour that I'm doomed with and I find it so hard just to put the bloody thing down. Everything too excess and so far from normal it gets worrying. So much so I just got this new water proof casing for it the other day so I can even take it in the shower with me now. I’m never doing anything important or in particular, just scrolling up and down through social networking sites making the odd sarcastic comment hoping someday I’ll get a reply. I took this abnormal behaviour to the next level last week when I signed my 2 month old son Ace Winston up to twitter and began having a conversation with myself in the twitter sphere. Holy shit I’m losing it and need help, I can’t even find the time to do the simplest thing anymore let alone blog as I’m constantly looking at my iPhone. Luckily for me I’ve got the 3 wise men to help. Let’s just call them The Andys even though one is called Ross but names aren’t important here as they’re all the best men for my wedding in September. They’re going to do a few blogs for me over the next month. They’ll be funnier not as negative and probably won’t rant as much. Or maybe they will? I more than likely won’t read it as I’ll be too busy on my phone doing nothing.