Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3 Wise Men

I love my iPhone. It's that obsessive compulsive behaviour that I'm doomed with and I find it so hard just to put the bloody thing down. Everything too excess and so far from normal it gets worrying. So much so I just got this new water proof casing for it the other day so I can even take it in the shower with me now. I’m never doing anything important or in particular, just scrolling up and down through social networking sites making the odd sarcastic comment hoping someday I’ll get a reply. I took this abnormal behaviour to the next level last week when I signed my 2 month old son Ace Winston up to twitter and began having a conversation with myself in the twitter sphere. Holy shit I’m losing it and need help, I can’t even find the time to do the simplest thing anymore let alone blog as I’m constantly looking at my iPhone. Luckily for me I’ve got the 3 wise men to help. Let’s just call them The Andys even though one is called Ross but names aren’t important here as they’re all the best men for my wedding in September. They’re going to do a few blogs for me over the next month. They’ll be funnier not as negative and probably won’t rant as much. Or maybe they will? I more than likely won’t read it as I’ll be too busy on my phone doing nothing.

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