Andrew Cotton

Friday, 26 February 2010

Big red

You gotta hand it to the big red Al Mennie, the man's not only a gigantic ginger with a funny beard, he charges and is the most motivated and focused guy I've ever met, With in about 5 minutes of me meeting him today he had me doing interviews and talking shite in front of a camera!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Have you ever just jumped in your car and just driven and not really known where you're going? well that's what i did today and it was amazing, well apart from my left buttock going numb and getting pins and needles down my leg, apart from that small incident it was pretty dam good. the highlight of my little drive was when i stopped off in a village to coffee up at the local spar, Whilst browsing the magazines with no intent as you do i picked up Tonnta surf mag, i had to pinch myself and double take, hang on that's me, I'm actually in there, in print and they name checked me to! I hopped, skipped and jumped back to the counter where I'd just paid for my coffee only 30 seconds ago and told the guy i was only buying the mag cause i was actually in it and i could sign a copy if he wanted maybe he could frame it or we could even set up a little table just outside and i could do a one of those signing sessions, you know drum up a few sales make a bit of a scene. He just looked at me, nodded and smiled. I don't think he even spoke English, that or he didn't believe me or in fact maybe he just didn't even care!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

perfect 2ft onshore dribble

The majority of so called scenarios or nightmares I’ve found myself in throughout my life have been in some way or another self inflicted, sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at things and say ‘how on earth did this happen?’ or ‘at what point could I have avoided this?’ This is exactly what was running through my head when I awoke this morning, 3 days into a solo mission camping in Ireland.

Suffering from sleep deprivation and a mild hypothermia and after Scrapping the ice off the inside of the van windscreen before doing the same to the outside I realised It was OK though as I was getting just what i came for and was greeted with perfect 2 ft onshore dribble, not a sole around to witness my despair and screams for help and sanity except a couple of cows in a nearby field I put on my freezing cold, damp wetsuit and went nuts, Then I went for a little surf.

Can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow..............

Friday, 12 February 2010

New JP's

Bit like new shoes really, can't wait to get into them you know give them a good going over, make them look not so.......... new!

Like to say 'Tidy' to JP and cheers to Mick @ Lokbox fins for the hook up. Frothing to get some waves soon.

Pop The Question : Andrew Cotton

Just did this little Q & A for the Wavelength Surf mag website, check the link below to have a butchers:

Pop The Question : Andrew Cotton

Monday, 8 February 2010

Its a hard feeling to describe but when ever a predicted swell doesn't quite meet my expectations i get this thing in my stomach, its like disappointment, excitement and anger rolled into one with a touch dissolution in any swell and weather forecasting site on the whole world wide web. However there were tales of WOW filtering though to the green green hills of North Devon that the best swell in years had actually hit the spot and produced some epic waves, down on the south coast it looked like leven produced the goods and i was also getting inside info that a couple of new spots where macking and had been surfed in Ireland.

I sat the swell out in Croyde, deciding it was the best option as I'm still not 100% fit and i planned on ridding Bertha my big red board to ease myself back into the swing of things. I had a few waves on the beach and again on the point, far from epic but at the same time super stoked to be back in the sea.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chart of all charts

Holy smoke have you ever seen a chart like this? It is the chart of all charts and I'm not talking top of the pops. Pretty much close your eyes and pin point anywhere in Europe and its gunna be pumping, not just for 1 day either as the long range is backed right up!!!!

Latest News » Blog Archive » Mormaii World Tow in Championship 2010, Maui, Hawaii

Latest News » Blog Archive » Mormaii World Tow in Championship 2010, Maui, Hawaii: "Mormaii World Tow in Championship 2010, Maui, Hawaii
Al and Cotty have been invited to compete at The World Tow In Championships in Hawaii in the coming weeks. This is the second year running that the duo have been the only European invitees to the prestigious event. Al and Andrew ranked 10th in The World at the World Tow in Championship, 2008, held in Chile and hope to better their world ranking with a solid performance in Hawaii this season. The event will run on one day between now and March 31st whenever the biggest swells hit the shores of Maui. The 24 teams from around the globe will be given 48 hours notice to be in Maui ready to compete. This winter season has seen some of the biggest waves ever ridden at various places across the globe. In fact a huge series of swells are due for the west coast of Ireland and Hawaii in the coming days."