Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It has my signature on it.

Andrew Cotton - Hossegor, France from SunGod on Vimeo.

Have you seen me recently? Yeah, I’ve been rolling in my brand new GLA, Mercedes Benz, it has my signature on the side in case you didn’t know but they missed out the words ‘plumbing and heating’ instead replacing it with my website Of course I play loud rap music with the windows down and the system up but wouldn’t you if you had one. Yeah me neither, but it does seem like being a complete lunatic is starting to pay off and my surfing is finally moving forward and my dreams being achieved. Not bad as it only took about 20 years, but that’s what makes it feel so good. My winter training schedule has already started and I can’t wait to hopefully surf some big waves again and get the ball rolling with my new goals and be prepared for what the ocean has up it’s sleeve this winter.
While we’re waiting you can watch this new video from Sungod, it’s about me ‘Andrew Cotton, big wave surfer’ and my new sunglasses. There limited edition and like my car has my signature down the side. Check them out on, Bloody hell I’m famous.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Not a World Record

‘Must write more blogs, must write more blogs’ is what I keep telling myself then I post another photo on Instagram, write a few words and all my creative inspiration disappears for another 24 hours or more. I think the internet is sucking the life out of me, twitter, Instagram, Facebook; it’s just a never ending feed of constant dribble. 99% is pointless and completely boring yet I still find myself either posting it, sharing it and very occasionally reading it.
So what’s happened in the past 6 months since my last blog post? Not a lot really. In case you didn’t know, that wave that I caught in February at Nazare, that everyone kept banging on about, which was global news with the tag line ‘biggest wave ever’ wasn’t a new world record. Yep you heard me correct. It wasn’t a World record, didn’t even get the nod from the judges at the 2014 XXL awards for Biggest wave!. I’m not really that surprised to be honest, the surfing world is a fickle old place and how the feck do you measure a wave anyway? I still have arguments with my mates on how big a 2ft wave is let alone an 80fter or 60 or 50 or whatever size anybody thinks it is. Does it even matter? No, to be honest it doesn’t. I enjoy surfing big waves and am looking forward to surfing bigger ones this winter. See you at the XL in 2015.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

This is England

This is England. No surf here, move along please. I haven’t been on a surf trip at home for years, obviously I surf when I’m home I just don’t really make the effort to go anywhere apart from my local beach. Priority’s change and it just hasn’t been high on my list so it’s probably been about 5-6 years since I’ve been on a proper UK mission and I to be honest I’d forgot what I was missing.
I went for a little drive before Christmas and a few days later I came back with a new hunger to spend more time searching for waves at home. England pumps……. Well sometimes.