Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Not a World Record

‘Must write more blogs, must write more blogs’ is what I keep telling myself then I post another photo on Instagram, write a few words and all my creative inspiration disappears for another 24 hours or more. I think the internet is sucking the life out of me, twitter, Instagram, Facebook; it’s just a never ending feed of constant dribble. 99% is pointless and completely boring yet I still find myself either posting it, sharing it and very occasionally reading it.
So what’s happened in the past 6 months since my last blog post? Not a lot really. In case you didn’t know, that wave that I caught in February at Nazare, that everyone kept banging on about, which was global news with the tag line ‘biggest wave ever’ wasn’t a new world record. Yep you heard me correct. It wasn’t a World record, didn’t even get the nod from the judges at the 2014 XXL awards for Biggest wave!. I’m not really that surprised to be honest, the surfing world is a fickle old place and how the feck do you measure a wave anyway? I still have arguments with my mates on how big a 2ft wave is let alone an 80fter or 60 or 50 or whatever size anybody thinks it is. Does it even matter? No, to be honest it doesn’t. I enjoy surfing big waves and am looking forward to surfing bigger ones this winter. See you at the XL in 2015.

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