Andrew Cotton

Friday, 31 December 2010

Tough call

Thought I’d post this old clip that Mr B made a few years back in Scotland. There’s a couple of things that stick out in my mind about this clip, the first is the same swell was hitting Ireland and the call was that Aileen’s was going to fire. I also knew Scotland was going to be good and had one of those situations where you just wish you could be in two places at once; it wasn’t an easy decision with hours spent on the phone to Al Mennie and Tim Nunn trying gage conditions and swell size to make the right call, but I managed to make it but proceeded to insist on phoning Al every hour to get a Irish swell report which would then affect my mood depending on the news, you could say it was an up and down few days full of different moods and self flagellation.
The other thing was Mr B who was filming had this hideous back problem and could only lie down or stand up. So he spent the whole drive up there lying in the back of the van moaning with every bump and corner as he was in so much pain, poor bloke even had to stand up when we went out for meals. I remember on the last night eating at this nice pub and getting some odd looks as myself and Tim tucked into our steaks sitting at the table and Mr B tucked into his whilst awkwardly standing up looking down on us grimacing in pain with every bite. That shows the commitment right there I think you’ll have to agree.
Oh and If I remember correctly Aileen’s was huge, Al tried to paddle it and Ben Skinner, Mole and a few other Irish lads towed. Mole got a cover shot on Pit Pilot mag and Al got cleaned the fuck up trying to paddle from the bottom of the cliff. Still not sure if I made the right call or not.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Pissed up bloke I once saw outside the pub.

I’ve got this vivid memory of seeing this guy outside the pub one night smashed out his face, he seemed to be alone and just rolling around on the bonnet of this car (which obviously wasn’t his) spilling his beer all over himself before smashing it on the floor. I just watched him for a few minutes as he tried to pick himself off the bonnet of this car and stagger off down the road laughing and shouting to himself like some sort of lunatic. I remember thinking ‘fuck that’s that saffa guy that rips and he’s possibly the most pissed person I’ve ever seen’.
Although then I didn’t know his name or ever speak to him, 15 years later I’ve come to know this pissed up saffa personally, spending months with him in Hawaii and hanging out at home. He’s put a bit of weight on now mind you since I first saw him but he still surfs pretty good and like most saffas from the Cape Town area likes to charge too.
Well he’s been back In SA now for a few months and for some reason has taking up filming, shame really cause I think he’d do pretty good in front of the camera, just for the fact it’s inspiring to see such a keg with legs surfing so good but lucky for him his bro surfs pretty good too and he’s slightly slimmer and more pleasing on the eye. Check out the clip I think you’ll like it.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Britain's best naked Plumber

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing bey?” “What’s it look like Barry” “I’m being Britain’s best naked plumber.”  
I know it is a slightly odd thing to do on a building site and Barry was slightly worried about the Health and Safety aspects but I had to start somewhere if I really want to make a name for myself in this plumbing world. I did originally enter myself for Britain’s best young plumber award which was on TV the other week but I didn’t even make it through the first round, they said I wasn’t passionate or committed enough and the fact I only really plumbed for about 2 months of the year I couldn’t really even call myself a plumber and there was a slight indication what sort of person they were looking for in the title and being 30 doesn’t really qualify me as ‘young’.
Obviously I told them I didn’t even want to be in there shit programme anyway and was going to make my own award and programme hence me being butt naked at work on Friday morning, thing is I’ve got to act fast if I want to make it as the best naked plumber in Britain because come January I don’t have the slightest intention of plumbing one bit, in fact on new year’s eve I’m going to drive to Baggy Point and launch my pipe benders off the end then throw all my spanners at the moon. But until then I am available for hire, although I do charge slightly more for the naked plumbing day rate as I am currently the best in Britain.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Loose Human

I’m a loose and unpredictable human, it just the way I am. I also hate the cold; really hate it which is why like a lot of my behaviour and actions leaves me slightly confused. After plumbing my fingers to the bone the past month and getting some cash together I’ve decided to spend the next 3 months in Ireland, yep not Indo, Hawaii or any other warmer climates where the sun shines and the waters warm. Ireland, where the wind blows and the average air temp is sub zero. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never fully committed too, usually shying away at the last minute or opting for the sunnier option and who could blame me as I do really really hate the cold.
I’ll be taking my GoPro cameras to do my standard DIY stuff, I hope to make a couple of short clips with the help of Richard at Wavedreamer, they’ll consist of the usual things I like filming, maybe some rocks, fields, defiantly some animals and hopefully a couple of waves.
 As usual the photo has very little to do with this but it was taken in Ireland when I was over there last time with the old boys and bear the dog. Bear had a bum deal to be honest, he cut his foot on the first day so was having a shocker from word go, he couldn’t walk properly or join us on our searches for flotsam and as if like a final kick in the swingers they don’t even let dogs in the pubs. So as you can imagine he spent a lot of time on his own probably thinking that Ireland s the shittest place for a dog to go on holiday ever. Hopefully my 3 month little stint will be slightly better.