Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Loose Human

I’m a loose and unpredictable human, it just the way I am. I also hate the cold; really hate it which is why like a lot of my behaviour and actions leaves me slightly confused. After plumbing my fingers to the bone the past month and getting some cash together I’ve decided to spend the next 3 months in Ireland, yep not Indo, Hawaii or any other warmer climates where the sun shines and the waters warm. Ireland, where the wind blows and the average air temp is sub zero. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never fully committed too, usually shying away at the last minute or opting for the sunnier option and who could blame me as I do really really hate the cold.
I’ll be taking my GoPro cameras to do my standard DIY stuff, I hope to make a couple of short clips with the help of Richard at Wavedreamer, they’ll consist of the usual things I like filming, maybe some rocks, fields, defiantly some animals and hopefully a couple of waves.
 As usual the photo has very little to do with this but it was taken in Ireland when I was over there last time with the old boys and bear the dog. Bear had a bum deal to be honest, he cut his foot on the first day so was having a shocker from word go, he couldn’t walk properly or join us on our searches for flotsam and as if like a final kick in the swingers they don’t even let dogs in the pubs. So as you can imagine he spent a lot of time on his own probably thinking that Ireland s the shittest place for a dog to go on holiday ever. Hopefully my 3 month little stint will be slightly better.

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