Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Have you ever just jumped in your car and just driven and not really known where you're going? well that's what i did today and it was amazing, well apart from my left buttock going numb and getting pins and needles down my leg, apart from that small incident it was pretty dam good. the highlight of my little drive was when i stopped off in a village to coffee up at the local spar, Whilst browsing the magazines with no intent as you do i picked up Tonnta surf mag, i had to pinch myself and double take, hang on that's me, I'm actually in there, in print and they name checked me to! I hopped, skipped and jumped back to the counter where I'd just paid for my coffee only 30 seconds ago and told the guy i was only buying the mag cause i was actually in it and i could sign a copy if he wanted maybe he could frame it or we could even set up a little table just outside and i could do a one of those signing sessions, you know drum up a few sales make a bit of a scene. He just looked at me, nodded and smiled. I don't think he even spoke English, that or he didn't believe me or in fact maybe he just didn't even care!

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