Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

All good things come to an end.

OK, so towards the end of last year I had a run of bad luck, nothing to bad just a couple of little niggling injuries, a near death wipe out at Mullaghmore and a few hoaxed trips on swells that never really materialised or maybe just bad calls on my part. Things had been looking up though, I snagged a bomb on my last tow session (see pick) and the next day I got possibly the barrel of my life at g-spot. On returning home to Devon we've had some fun waves at Croyde and when the north coast went flat I scored some wedgie little numbers on the south, happy days. With the swell forecast looking good and plans of heading back out to Ireland to continue my run of good luck I sneaked a little low tide session in at Croyde yesterday. My first wave was a little gem getting a nice barrell and having a decent section at the end to smash, my run of good fortune was beaming then out of the blue it was all suddenly snatched, like some sort of ram raid, smash and grab scenario. I pulled into a left closeout and hit the bottom hard, a nightmare with a wetsuit proceded followed by a 4 hour A&E session and an appointment with the fracture clinic today.

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