Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Very, very loose facts.

Oh the rain and cold how I’ve missed you. So I’m over in the emerald isle for a couple weeks trying to get back in the swing of things, and as luck would have it there’s a pretty exciting chart on the cards. I can hardly contain myself and don’t really know whether I’m coming or going or should laugh or cry but I have quickly decided to write down some very very loose facts about Ireland which may or may not interest you. When I say facts I don’t really mean actual facts although I’m sure some of them are facts but others might actually 
 not be 100% factual, if that makes any sense.


  • Michael Jackson briefly lived in Ireland and it was said it helped to inspire him write music.
  • Unless you’re bald you have to wear a swimming cap in the public swimming baths.
  • Ginger is a very popular hair colour.
  • There’s more class wave set ups per mile of coast than you can shake a stick at.
  • My favourite band Westlife comes from Ireland, as do the Corrs.
  • Guinness tastes better here, or that’s what I tell myself when I’m over here.
  • 93% of Ireland is covered in grass.
  • 37% of rocks in Ireland are the same size now as they where 200 years ago.
  • 82% of Americans claim to have Irish ancestry.
  • In Northern Ireland they use Pounds, in Eire they use Euros.
  • Some people say the Irish are lucky.
  • Arther Guinness invented Guinness; apparently the hops are from the same plant as hashish. No wonder they’re so chilled out.
  • Irish girls have pure white skin and big fresh tits……………apparently.
  • There’s some legit big wave set ups here and even though some spots like Mullaghmore have been surfed for years they’ve only recently been getting international exposure.
  • Irelands the only place in the world where you can find four leaf clovers and see leprechauns walking down the street.

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