Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hand dryer dick swing.

I’ve been scarred for life, the other day I saw an old naked man drying himself under a hand dryer in the changing rooms at the gym, the strangest thing about this was it wasn’t like he’d forgotten his towel as he was holding it in one hand and pushing the button with the other whilst swinging himself under the hand dryer. I’m not one to judge as I am known to do some pretty odd things myself but this is exceptional public behaviour by anyone’s standards, in the privacy of your own home maybe yes do whatever feels good but in the changing rooms of the local gym, come on mate why can’t you just use your towel like everyone else in here rather than getting all up close and personal with the hand dryer and swinging it all over the place. As I left he tried talking to me, luckily he’d finally put some pants on after his hand dryer acrobatics but I just panicked, agreed with whatever he said and made for a quick exit trying not to get eye contact.
Obviously I couldn’t put a photo of a naked old man on my blog no matter how much I really wanted too although I could have taken a photo of the hand dryer mentioned but in the end just decided to post a picture of my glorious self in my new Tiki Zepha wetsuit, which is keeping me warm enough though not to behave like the old man in the gym which is good news for everyone involved.


  1. we will all be old one day, and as an old bloke who uses a gym,and swims 5km a week, you would be surprised what young blokes do, taking up two lanes of the swimming pool is my least favourite, when one will do as they often forget there are other people in the world, feet and toe nail picking is another one. A good thing is that even wrinkled old people look good in wet suits as it holds everything together. What fun. Mark, enfield, middlesex.

  2. Try it sometime. Let it all hangout. Shake that shit if u got it and dont be adhamed. The best part of life it getting over the pointless hangups one has. If his nudity effected u negatively look inside and try to figure out which insecurities you have then secure it! Then other nudity wont effect you in such a negative way. Id be naked most of the time if I could. So in places where I can I am maybe he has the same feelings! Be a man show of your cock!