Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bendy Plans

I hate making plans too far in advance, it doesn’t have to be organised fun just plain and simple plans like getting from A to B or having to be at C at a certain time. It really gets in the way sometimes but all plans have to be pretty bendy right, nothings a dead cert, which is why I changed my plans to fly back to London last week and go to the G Shock awards which I was nominated for in the sport category. Problem is when you tell people you changed your plans that you arranged months ago so you could go surfing they don’t quite believe you. Fair enough as it does sound a bit much especially if you don’t surf, you’d probably think I’m being pretty rude.
So unfortunately I missed the award ceremony but luckily I managed to surf a couple waves like the one pictured above. But what’s more amazing is that I actually freaking won. So thanks to G Shock for the recognition in what I love to do and Sam Lamiroy for collecting the award for me, luckily for myself and G Shock he’s far better at the old public speaking and drinking, which isn’t hard but unfortunately not quite as good looking.

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