Andrew Cotton

Friday, 1 October 2010

Coffee for two

The other day I was standing outside one of those coffee places, you know the ones that do those loyalty cards which when you spend £30 on coffee they so kindly give you one free. I’d just bought an overpriced latte and was about to savour my first sip, when this old fella comes up to me and asks for a 1 euro for a cup of tea. I didn’t even think and it was almost an instant reaction as I handed him my stupidly overpriced latte ‘have that mate if you want’ ‘just got it and haven’t even had any yet’. This guy was obviously in a bit of a scenario with life although he didn’t look that rough and seemed to be slightly more cleaner and sober than the likes of my mate Szczepan from Poland but he took the latte off me and had a sip. We both stood there momentarily in silence as I watched him drink the coffee then out of the blue he broke the silence and said ‘you want to share?’
Blue tractors have nothing to do with this but I like them and spotted this one while I was looking for waves today, Surfs been pumping.

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