Andrew Cotton

Monday, 15 November 2010

Braunton Man catches record breaking fish.

You seen the size of that fish on the back of the North Devon Journal? Everyone’s talking about it and its all I’ve heard from my mates this week, it’s a record breaker apparently and matey boy from Braunton caught it off Ilfracombe. Sort of puts things in perspective really, while I shoulder hopped on a wave in Ireland getting me a cover shot on the Irish Times, Wavelength Surf mag (which is out next wednesday/thursday) plus getting plastered all over the 2 biggest surfing websites in the world, you could say things were really kicking off with all the hype involved and I was more than happy to enjoy the ride and savour every second.
Although that wave was pretty big the reality is there’s just no comparison to that massive fish, brilliant isn’t it. Rob Tibbles gave me a great little write up in the surfing section though which I was stoked about and you can check it out here.

But check the size of that fecking fish on the back page, Christ!


  1. there is a guy who lives in barnstaple that surfs and goes fishing he has caught a bigger fish than that ! and has surfed a bigger wave than that

  2. Sick, nice work Andrew! Great to see Aaron nail down a cover too before he heads off! Good work guys.

  3. Congrats man! Big Waves = Big Fish

  4. I thought you'd make the cover of 'women only' or 'gay times' before the cover of wavelenght.

    strange days indeed!

    Nice wave by the way.

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