Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Clean socks

I just have to have a clean pair of socks every day, if I don’t I just feel dirty. Odd really as I haven’t shaved in well over a month and since I’ve been on my little mission, with a brief visit to Nazare in Portugal and now in rural Ireland with the old boys and bear the dog my personal hygiene hasn’t been top notch so to speak, you could pretty much say my clothes could stand up and walk off by themselves. But who’ve I got to impress? haven’t really be socializing with any normal folk the past few days and we have been going in the sea every day which kind of counts as a shower, well apart from the bit of having to put my wetsuit on which coincidently stinks of cats piss as it to hasn’t been cleaned in some time.
Home next week as Barry the builder from Braunton keeps leaving messages on my phone, something about radiators need moving in the front room and I’m holding everyone up, again. God I hate plumbing.

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