Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The blow out

‘What the hell are you doing leaving Ireland a day before St Patrick’s day’ is what most people asked me and it’s also what I continually asked myself but I had my reasons, things had been good so far and I sort of didn’t want to ruin it so late in the trip and try and get home in one piece with no injuries. Although 10 minutes into what should of been a 14 hour drive home I heard an almightily bang and as I glanced into my wing mirror all I could see was sparks and bits of tyre all over the road. As I pulled over to access the damage I couldn’t help but laugh, What a massive ball ache to say the least, it was 10pm and I had given myself plenty of time to drive the 6 hours to the ferry which left at 9am, things should of been mellow but I wasn’t really planning this little scenario which is no biggie unless you haven’t got a spare tyre and bearings which of course I didn’t. So not wanting to leave the ski on the side of the road for fear some little tinkers might come along and help themselves neither being able to drag it home we slept in the front seats of the van just 10 minutes from our beds freezing cold. The next day I had to leave my mate Gentle Ben guarding it for 5 hours while I drove round trying to get a spare which wasn’t as easy as you might think. Felt sorry for poor Gentle he’d been having a bit of a shocking trip so far and Ireland wasn’t dealing him the best of hands so to speak so this was almost like icing on the cake, for me it wasn’t so bad yeah we missed the ferry yeah it took us nearly 36 hours to get home but I’d had a pretty amazing winter so something like this was pretty trivial although at the time it did feel like something was trying to tell me to stay for just a few more days.
Anyway home now which isn’t so bad is it.........

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