Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bike race

The other day I got this taxi to town, well I say taxi I just walked out onto the road and some guy on a motorbike stopped and asked If I wanted a lift, I said yes and then we did that bartering thing that you have to seem to do everywhere in indo. He says a stupidly high price then I say no and suggest a stupidly low price then we come to some agreement somewhere in the middle; the whole thing does my head in and no matter what all ways leaves me feeling a little ripped off. After finally getting to a price I jump on the back and have to endure a motorbike ride from hell which consisted of my man smoking a fag whilst driving, having a phone conversation and thinking that by beeping his horn its ok to take blind corners on the wrong side of the road, silly me course it is. I just held on for dear life and just hoped I’d get there in one piece, problem was I’d foolishly paid for a return journey but there wasn’t a chance I was getting on the back of that guys bike again.
So my time in Nias has come to an end and apart from my taxi experience was pretty epic. It wasn’t all about getting barrelled though, here’s me knocking the top off one, a wave that is. Next stop mentawai .

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