Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My stag do tonight

‘You don’t surf to bad for a cripple’ said Selway, fair point I have got the knees of an OAP but why does he keep having to go on about my knee brace, it’s not like I wear it out of choice or for a fashion statement. He doesn’t like eating fish but I don’t go on about it, ‘just try it mate, it tastes like chicken’ I could say every time he has to explain why he doesn’t like it. Obviously I do say this but only because I know it winds him up and he always goes on about my knee brace.
Anyway, so it’s all coming to an end. We’ve done our male bonding, tops off cuddles and all that shit and it’s been a great success, I got to meet Manuel for the first time, a few waves were surfed, a couple photo’s taken and some little clips filmed and it should all be available for your pleasure soon and did I mention I got to meet Manuel. It’s been hard work I’m not going to lie but it’s all character building or so they say and now we’re in Padang and I’m going to have my stag do tonight, don’t get me wrong I’m not getting married but just fancy a stag do. You know a little celebration and a final bit of team bonding plus I want to see how it goes so I’m prepared for when I do have one.
Manuel say’s ‘Fucking boats’ not sure why just think he’s over them, fair enough I’m not going to argue. Thanks to Diego for making us so welcome and everyone at

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