Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Organised fun.

I hate organised fun, I know hates a strong word and I’m massively in the minority here as everyone else I know seems to love it but I just can’t stand the feeling that I should have to, I want to be having fun when I want to be having fun and feel like fun, not when someone suggests I should be having fun by organising something weeks even months in advance and telling me it’s now fun time. What if at the time of organising I feel like fun but when the day finally comes round all I want to do is sit at home with a cup of tea, feet up reading Dear Deidre from the back of The Sun. This is the problem I have with this organised fun malarkey.
Went to London the other day and saw this sign, I loved it and was desperate to go in there and get my barnette cut and have some fun but unfortunately didn’t have time. Had to catch a train see and besides there wasn’t a chance I was going to miss it with all the carnage going on up there although it was a close call, thinking about the randomness of having a beer whilst getting my hair cut. They don’t do that in Devon I tell ye. Back to the organised fun, I got engaged on Sunday and there’s going to be a whole heap of organised fun coming up, the thing is I can’t wait as me and Katie always have fun no matter how organised it is and that’s why I want to marry her and I couldn’t be happier.

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