Andrew Cotton

Friday, 9 December 2011

A night with Andrew Cotton

A night with Andrew Cotton, it’s like a dream come true for some and a nightmare for others but at only £5 it’s a bargain either way and worth the money just to watch me make an idiot out of myself when I freeze up and start speaking in tongues when I have to do my live Q & A, which happens whenever I have to speak in front of more than 2 people or anyone I don’t know, and did I mention it’s for charity? Well I have now and that’s always a crowd pleaser or so I’m told although the main focus on the night is all about me, promoting me and making sure everyone realises how fecking brilliant I am but like I say I am doing it for charity too.
So the Idea is to raise a bit of money for the Museum of British Surfing, ok so it’s not saving starving Africans but it’s a good cause all the same and every charity needs help not just the ones on the telly that make it hard for you to live with yourself.
Read the poster and come along, I’m looking forward to it so should you.

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