Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 1 December 2011

North Canyon Tow in Trials

It’s amazing what happens when you win a potty and a massive oversized comedy cheque, take this photo here for example. This is me signing autographs for my Portuguese fans after coming 2nd in the North Canyon tow in trials in Nazare, normally no one gives a shit about 2nd place but here I am signing autographs. Didn’t see 1st place signing anything for that matter but you know, like I’ve said before I’m a pretty big deal down in Portugal right now, even more so since I’ve had a shave and smartened up my appearance up a little.
So now I’ve finally won an oversized cheque it’s my new favourite thing to carry around with me where ever I go, it’s a definite conversation starter as everyone really wants to know why you’re carrying around a massive oversized cheque, what you’ve done to deserve it, how much you’ve won and how freaking brilliant you must be. I was swinging mine around all the way home from Lisbon to Devon and even took it down Tesco’s at the weekend and tried to pay for a 4 pack and some pork scratching with it, unfortunately Tesco’s don’t except oversized comedy cheques as they won’t fit in the tills or that’s what they told me.
The potty’s going to come in pretty handy too, my girlfriends stoked.

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