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Monday, 27 August 2012

Everyone loves a shark story

Everyone loves a good shark story, especially here in the UK, which is why there’s no surprise every summer there always ends up being a couple in the UK press. My favourite this summer came from the UK’s best and most experienced lifeguards Jack and Jim who managed to clear the swimming area at the local beach after spotting what they suspected to be a shark. I can’t confirm or deny these claims as unfortunately I wasn’t there. Which is a shame as I would have loved to jump on the old summer time shark band wagon, could have got my name in the paper or maybe even made the telly again.
My personal experience with sharks has been limited really although I did have a shocker one time when was feeling rather frivolous and surfing a remote reef in indo, at my point of euphoria I spotted a pretty dam big fin heading straight for me at speed. Needless to say I reacted quickly and paddled so hard in the direction of the shore managing to catch the first wave, standing up and surfing it to dry reef. I was a little shaken and also a little gutted as I was having a pretty epic solo session, maybe it was just too good.
Anyway, summers pretty much done, which is a relief. The weather was the main talking point as it always is and I can’t say much for the surf although I did have some great little surf’s on my 5’2” Fugly which I borrowed from Tiki.
Looking forward to winter now, flights already booked for Portugal but I’m not sure on what the shark chat is down there though. Might have to ask Jack and Jim at work tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll know.

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