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Sunday, 9 October 2011

inappropriate word HERE

Footpaths, peelers and caves from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Agh involuntary groaning noises, I'm having a shocker at the moment with this freaking blog. First there was that suck job scenario that wasn't deemed appropriate and now my personal description and choice of words on the HAPPYLAND blog i posted a week ago has ruffled a few feathers and made some guy called IRBmad think I've got a stick up my arse. I haven't. I bet that's not even his real name anyway, he's probably called Clive or Barry. What's wrong with Clive or Barry IRBmad there lovely names. I'm going to have to change my approach to this blog stuff then and just do product reviews and write lovely things about how great everything is, where to buy them and how brilliant we all are, that or just censor it. I'm in the Hebrides at the moment, put inappropriate word HERE followed by a controversial sentence HERE, its cold windy and the surf isn’t that great either.... Shit I'm being negative again and moaning, sorry all humans living in the Hebrides please don’t take it personally.
Check out this little short filmed by Mikey from Wavedreamer it won some sort of competition or something like that in London or somewhere. Mikeys the most amazing human in world and Wavedreamers the best company ever blah blah blah..... Enough already but it is a nice little vid.

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