Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Proper Devon

I’m not Cornish, born in Plymouth see which makes me Devonshire the same as my parents. Dad was born in Barnstaple and my Mum in a shed on the outskirts of Crediton (she probably wasn’t) although my sister was born In Turo as my folks lived down that way for a while so I suppose she’s kind of Cornish but then again probably not as neither our parents are so even though she was born in Cornwall she’s not really Cornish as both our parents are Devonians, it gets confusing as I’m not sure whether you’d say she was half Cornish or maybe just a third but I can say she’s not proper Devonshire or Cornish for that matter. Poor Hayley, I feel like the lucky one now.

Just been down to the Atlantic Games in Brittany as I was a responsible adult for the junior Devon team, you know give up my time for free to make sure they don’t do anything silly, get them to the beach on time and also for their heats, giving them a bit of encouragement and maybe some pointers and words of wisdom. Well I think that was the job description. It’s a funny role as to be honest the majority of the kids are far more responsible than me, I’m not great at talking to people I don’t know and I’m not much of a group person either as I like my own company and a bit of peace and quiet. They did do well though and it was good hanging out with and getting to know the Devon surf stars of the future.

Spent a bit of time with these boys down there too which was a bit of eye opener and I’d make a bit of a guess and say they’re definitely proper Cornish.

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  1. Proper Cornish, proper characters, proper good laughs! You gotta love 'em!!