Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Feeling old?

Agh more involuntary groans, sighs and noises. I’m getting old before my time but I’m defiantly going down swinging, crutches and all, mentally I’m far from ready although when I do get there at least I know what to expect as I had a little test run yesterday with my Grandma. She’s 90 and lives in mid Devon, well Crediton to be exact; yeah I know I hear you! My mother’s side of the family are from Crediton which maybe explains the web feet, close eyes and alcohol problem.
After the usual greetings, small talk and life update followed by some tea and biscuits I usually leave but yesterday was different as I was pretty much stranded, still can’t drive you see and am relying on lifts. I don’t mean stranded in a bad way as in death on a desert island but I just couldn’t really leave when I would have chosen to. We both sat there in our single armchairs starring at each other, crutches by my side and leg up, Zimmer frame by hers with her little trolley of supplies at arm’s reach, I had a flashback of being 8 when I used to visit my Great Gran who was in a old people’s home in Braunton, before they all got sold and split into flats, which was eerie because it was like I was looking at myself sat in the chair, in a room, in silence and unable to come and go as I pleased, oh how the tables turn.
Most of my Grandma’s friends are dead now, the reason I know this is she kept telling me on her 90th birthday, she just couldn’t seem to work out how she got so many birthday cards, 41 to be precise ‘All my friends are dead Andrew, how on earth have I got so many birthday cards?’ She has got one ‘pal’ that still pops round though but as grandma says she hasn’t got the best of memories and sometimes even forgets how she got there and what for but she is sensible enough to keep a piece of paper with her name and address on it in her pocket and handbag just in case.
‘It’s all about keeping the brain busy’ she told me ‘I love my cross words but the trouble is there’s too many people in this country that can’t spell and if you can’t spell how can to expect to do a crossword’

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  1. Great post Cotty!
    Spending time with our elderly philosophers puts everything into perspective..............cherish that time!

    Speedy recovery to you!