Andrew Cotton

Monday, 31 May 2010

Nothing about surfing

The new Wavelength surf mag is out which has got the West Aus trip I did back in March/April in it, I got a couple shots in there and it’s a pretty good read too. Take the opening shot for example; this is me in full depression mode whilst checking the surf in the second week. 10 or so days into the trip and no real gold in the bag to speak of can get you down, that combined with emotional and mental relationship trauma and the thought of a much needed knee operation looming on my return to London, I wasn’t the happiest person on the planet and probably not the funniest person to be around either. But I did pick myself up a couple of times and stuff myself into a place where you can never be sad and things always look a whole lot better, which can make any trip worthwhile and the darkest day a whole lot brighter. Yeeew

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  1. Great B/W picture.