Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


God I hate plumbing, actually the one good thing about being injured is that I don’t have to plumb or feel guilty about not doing it either, even the pressure from my parents to get a full time plumbing job and earn some real money has slightly subsided.
Not even sure why I stuck out the apprenticeship as I didn’t really like it from the start, I did have some classic moments though doing it and the guy I worked with was a comedy genius and didn’t even know it. I just laugh out loud when I think back at some of the stuff that happened even though at the time I wanted to cry.
Check this little real life scenario for example, we were plumbing a kitchen in Croyde, he was doing most the work and I was just fetching tools and helping out, the sink we just ripped out was in the garden and he was fitting the taps to the new one. ‘get the old hat from the sink outside’ he shouted out, this is just the screw thing that screws the taps to the sink, I knew what he meant so I went into the garden to the old sink, no joy he must of already taken it off the old taps, ‘um there not there I shouted back’ it went silent for a second then he shouted back ‘the sink outside cotton’ ‘get me the hat off the taps’ *********************************censored***************************************************************
Well I never actually quit, although we did have a cooling off point I finished my apprenticeship, so why the surf shot? I think it just goes to show there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s slightly more fun than plumbing.

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  1. Great story, wonder who you're talking about!!
    We all love the Sheriff dispite his foibles.
    Swift recovery,