Andrew Cotton

Friday, 30 April 2010


I just got an email from the big man Al Mennie with the subject: Mooooooo. Below that was a semi ineligible sentence followed by a link. At first I was baffled thinking maybe the years of sobriety had finally got to him and he’d hit the bottle hard and completely lost the plot, then I took the time out of my very busy day and time schedule to click and follow the link. The page loaded up pretty quick and straight away I could see it was an article about his new book ‘Surfing Mennie Waves’ then it slowly dawned on me and I started to get a little jealous, which was strange as with all the things we’ve done together and apart, some of the waves we towed, sessions I’ve missed and the photos and interviews published this was the first time I felt a bit of resentment and jealousy, like he’d beat me to it and actually made it as an accomplished surfer and athlete. In true Mennie fashion this has done nothing but motivate me and given me more focus than ever before, ‘I will not be beaten, must aim higher’ as I stride through my recovery and on towards what I hope someday will be the panicle of my surfing career.

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