Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Old habits

You’re possibly thinking why the hell have you got a photo of big bird in the bath? Well after our internet binge we felt so dirty and un clean we both needed to wash away our sins and cleanse our body’s and souls, I spent the day sitting on a plastic chair in the shower as I can’t get my stitches to wet and big bird in the bath.

It was my idea and to be honest it had nothing to do with cleansing I just fancied being wet for the day. I haven’t done it in ages, you see a few years ago I went through this strange habit of sleeping in the bath. Not always but usually after a couple of beers, I’d get home run a bath and spend the whole night in it, It was a bit like extreme sleeping cause looking back it could of gone anyway really. Not sure what this says about my mental state but I used to love it and my house mate horley at the time didn’t seem to mind or worry about it either, he used to get up for work in the morning and come in the bathroom to brush his teeth, ‘alright cotton, good night’s sleep?’ I’d just be lying in the bath, freezing cold water; numb with skin so shrivelled and wrinkled you’d think it would never go back to normal again. ‘Yeah mate not bad like, slept like a log’ and that was it nothing more said. I even did it at a house party once, half way through the night, party still raging I went for a piss and just couldn’t help myself, like a guilty pleasure, I locked the door ran the bath and woke up 7 hours later to banging and someone freaking out shouting, wanting to know what was actually going on in there.

Well we both felt a lot better for our water day anyway and have now vowed never let our internet abuse get that bad again but just in case we’ve also sought professional help and a lovely man installed a proxy server to filter the websites we try to browse, you know just in case.

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