Andrew Cotton

Friday, 16 April 2010

Matey boy

I’ve started making those involuntary groaning noises again ‘agh the boredom’, I can’t handle it. Hours spent just lying still and starring into space with way too much time to think, although I keep telling myself I have to look at the bright side of things and be more positive as I spend too much time pondering negative thoughts almost trying to find ways of making anything slightly good, bad. Like yesterday I pretty much spent the whole day being negative and angry about my family, I didn’t say anything to them I just raged from within. It’s not fair, this whole knee situation is there fault, its hereditary I inherited dodgy knees which slightly pisses me off. My sister gets brains and good looks and I, well I get dodgy knees and an addictive personality, I don’t mind not having the brains or the looks but couldn’t she of had the dodgy knee as well, Leaving me just with the addictive personality situation to deal with? I could keep whinging on about things that are just ‘negative’ all day long as I’m pretty good at it but like I say I need to get into this more positive way of thinking and looking at things. Like how lucky I was to get my meals bought to me by matey boy here while I was in hospital, I call him matey boy because I don’t actually know his name although I did ask him but he just sort of ignored me, think it was just my thick Devonshire accent he couldn’t understand, that or the fact I was of my face on those little blue pills I was taking for the pain and didn’t make any sense. Ok so the meals weren’t that nice but it wasn’t his fault as I don’t think he actually made them he just had the job of plonking them down in front of the patients, but he was bloody good at it though and never did I once not see him smiling.

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  1. Looks like that duck is about to jump Matey boy. He looks pissed. Nice shoes by the way