Andrew Cotton

Monday, 19 April 2010

Big Bird

So this is my new best friend and life companion big bird, like any normal heterosexual male in the society we live in I’ve tried having a girlfriend and thought about getting a dog or some sort of animal but haven’t had much success and I’m not to be trusted with anything too dependent

on me as I learnt from the time I acquired a cat called ‘Velcro’ it’s a long story but just for your information the cat lived and after a lot of phone calls and pleading the previous owner came and reclaimed it. I won’t lie the past week I’ve become increasingly lonely, although i have had visitors and even ventured out a couple of times I’m not quite as mobile as I wished but this has given me the opportunity to become considerably close to big bird as we pretty much do everything together, It’s amazing how friendships build and bonds form. Just under 2 weeks ago when my only visitors in hospital the Bevan twins bought her into my life,I obviously thanked them but we all laughed and joked about her not really taking her seriously. I ignored her for the first day, even making light of her to the nurses or to anyone who mentioned her and at one point it even crossed my mind to leave her at the hospital or donate her to a good cause.I got all embarrassed and shy about her when the guys from Analog so kindly collected me from hospital, saying she was just a silly joke from friends as I hobbled out following super cool ferg, gravis bag in one arm and big bird in the other. He did look slightly rediculous and I could tell he wasn’t that amused. I hope big bird will forgive me for my neglect in our early days, lucky for me she’s not the type of bird to hold grudges.

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