Andrew Cotton

Friday, 23 April 2010

net bender

I’ve got those nervous butterfly feelings going on, worried and not too sure what to do? A sort of guilt and frustration rolled in to one and in the back of my mind the thought that I could and should have been able to avoid this. I’ve got protection and even opted for the more expensive ‘upgrade’ just for peace of mind. In my defence it has been a long 2 weeks with not a lot to do, it started off controlled but as times gone on the habit has got worse. Minutes rolled into hours and hours into days which has now turned into a serious problem, just trawling aimlessly with nowhere to go, not knowing exactly what I’m doing or looking for just clicking link after link. It’s that addictive personality kicking in again as I pretty much hit the 5 day mark on this wreck less internet bender. Run down suffering from sleep deprivation, big bird’s even developed a twitch; she tried to stop me at first but soon turned into my partner in crime even egging me on at some stages. The problem is it’s not just myself and big bird that our behaviour has affected, my lap top is ill in fact seems to be more infected than an OAP sex tourist in Bangkok with nothing to lose. I just hope it’s not terminal and we can find a cure.

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