Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I’m exhausted, 5am starts and 2 to 3 surfs a day, a whole heap of driving and endless bumpy dirt tracks all to get a few shots and some random waves, mix that with the constant piss taking, stinking car which smelt so bad I actually puked the other day, didn’t help that selway found a rotting banana in his bag that smelt so rancid it could of been used as a form of torture in Guantanamo bay, it’s been a testing few weeks to say the least but looking back and thinking about it a little I loved every minute of it, well nearly, maybe every minute except the banana smell puke bit, the day we drove 6 hours to surf a very average point break and the numerous times Selway played that little song he made on his iphone music maker app in my ear while I drove which consisted of a few beats and him saying in his really camp voice ‘Cotty is gay’ and ‘Cotty likes cock’ over and over again. Could say it might be good to be going home, well maybe not it’s possibly the last place I want to be, still got to deal with the airport and luggage scenarios yet then the train nightmare when we land to get back to Devon, why did I bring so many boards again? Tell you one thing though when I do get back I think I need a little holiday, I’ve definitely earned it. PHOTO: Selway

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