Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I’ve been sat staring at my computer for 40 minutes now thinking of something funny or witty to write about this shot and Q&A I’ve got in this month’s Wavelength, it’s about mind games, photo shoots and keeping sanity when the pressures on and the work has to be done, because believe it or not it is work and like all work it has its ups and downs and you also need to know the in’s and out’s! So what can I write here that I didn’t say in the Q&A? Not a lot really maybe that it helps if your slightly self obsessed and get off in seeing yourself in print or when shooting water don't pull a face that makes you look like you’re trying to suck off Mandingo, like I do. Other than that you really should check it out, I bought my copy from the 24 hour garage in braunton and that nice looking older woman served me, she doesn’t seem work in there that often. But I’m sure you can get it from most other newsagents and WHSmiths sell it in town too.

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