Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Top's off.

‘U should be here’ was the first message I received last Saturday then a slow stream of messages followed, each slightly more incoherent as time went on, each message filled with out of character  swear words mostly miss spelt but I was getting the gist of what was happening. It was Selways stag do in Dublin you see and I was supposed to go but bailed on it, not that I didn’t want to spend a weekend with him celebrating the fact he was getting married to the amazing ‘Super Hawk’. I just wasn’t into what I expected would unfold and the possible shenanigans that could happen. I’m on one of these ‘no booze’ fazes at the moment and like anything I do, it’s done to excess which means no booze, healthy food and extreme exercise, but there’s no middle ground when I’m in this frame of mind, all or nothing is how I roll, which is a good place to be as it’s been a pretty dark few months for me. I’ve got my sights set on a few goals so with this in the back of my mind I wasn’t to bothered to be ‘missing out’ when receiving these texts, well that was until today when this photo landed in my email.
I was slightly in shock and almost in disbelief when I saw this, the first reason is I’ve never seen Selway with his top off, don’t get me wrong not that I really want to see him with his top off, but I have travelled to a lot hot places with him, yet never hung out with him bare chested or really seen him ‘top off’ for that matter, sometimes if he’s shooting land you’ll see him strutting around on the rocks or beach from a distance with his top off but the second you get out of the sea to check the fruits of your labour, top goes back on. He even offers ‘tops off cuddles’ when you’re having a shocking surf and feeling down but this never comes to fruition, this has always puzzled me and I’ve always wondered why. The second is the look of pain on his face, which I’ve only seen once before but you can pretty much read like a book, ‘Get me out of here’ he's saying and the thoughts of ‘what the hell is going to happen to me next’ spinning around in his intoxicated brain. I would have paid good money to be there and witness this, classic and truly gutted I missed it, tops off and all.


  1. I've just done 5 months with out booze but am back on it now thanks to my birthday. I felt great for it and that 1st bottle after all that time off it tastes soooo fucking good.

  2. no wonder he doesn't want to take his top off, check those set of shit x

  3. hahhahaha love it. socks on selway socks on.