Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Chuckle Brothers

Check out Paul and Barry Chuckle this morning in Croyde; think they were filming some sort of comedy sketch in the village ‘Chuckle brothers go surfing’ or something along those lines. 'To me, to you, to me, to you'!
Actually, if you haven't guessed already, its not the Chuckle Brothers but it is like something they'd do, and if i'm honest I haven’t got the foggiest who these guys are, apart from i guess there heading to surf the infamous Croyde low tide as they heard in The Thatch last night that there's some sick banks at the north end at the moment, and you can obviously tell by the little looks on their little faces they don’t know me. But I just couldn’t help but get a photo, seen quite a few of these little scenarios in the past week but this is the first time I’ve actually managed to capture and document one.
 Your probably thinking what the hell am I dribbling on about, but look closely at the photo again and tell me what’s wrong with it! You don’t have to be a surfer or even have studied physics at a degree level to work this one out. Yet why do you see this so often? Or is it a ‘logic’ thing going on here ‘well that’s how they’re supposed to go in the sea, so obviously that’s how they go on the roof rack’ This sort of thing goes in the same category as the Wetsuit Shopping situation that I mentioned a few weeks back, actually in fact the driver does look familiar, doesn’t he?
Hells bells this is summer and surfing in the UK and I freaking love it.


  1. What are they driving, a fucking Micra? I was teaching a Beach Lifeguard course today, day 1. One chump had his wetsuit on inside out, after much piss taking he turned in the correct way but then managed to out it on back to front, he was confused as he thought the 'zip always goes on the back'. Yeah but the fucking knee pads dont go on the back of ya knees muppet. Meanwhile 2 other lads stood there laughing at him whilst wearing their shorts oer the top of their wetsuits. Why oh why do they do that?

  2. It's ok because they put board wax on that side

  3. Spotted in Braunton on Wednesday ‘well that’s how they’re supposed to go in the sea, so obviously that’s how they go on the roof rack’ syndrome a Micra parked up in the car park, and in Croyde ‘Boardshorts over wetty’ syndrome on the Thursday are we fast approaching Epidemic stages? Do we need to contact the authorities before this goes Pandemic!