Andrew Cotton

Monday, 21 June 2010


‘Rooooooooooooooney, Roooooooooooney’, I just love it when grown men chant footballers names, cracks me up. Personally I’m not much of a football fan; in fact I have no interest in it what so ever. Stopped playing when I was in the 3rd year at school, during a lunchtime kick around some little shit just came up to me and did a full on running boot into my left shin. ‘What the fuck was that for? You weren’t even going for the ball’ I shouted at him while rolling around on the floor in absolute agony. ‘Yeah I know but I just really wanted to kick someone’ was his reply and from this second I never set foot on a football pitch again and my interest in the game just dissipated into nothing.
But check the sheer joy and happiness on my face as I watched England play their game on Friday evening. This was slightly enhanced as I managed to win the best seats in the house which just so happened to be a hot tub situated just feet from the big screen. Within seconds of realising I had the winning ticket I was stripped off and in there shouting ‘Roooooooooney’ and ‘Come on England’ with the best of them.
Not sure who won the footy but someone did say to me on Saturday that they thought I’d had a better game than England, wasn’t 100% sure what that was supposed to mean and I sort of wished I’d paid more attention to the football so I could of given him some sort of meaningful informed reply, also I’m not too sure The Blue Groove staff would agree.  Agh, full scale scenario of gigantic proportions, but look how happy I look.......’Rooooooooooooooooooooooney’. Can’t wait till the next game, its Thursday innit?

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  1. Ah now the missing posessions becomes oh so clear...