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Monday, 14 June 2010

One man band

Ok, so it’s a little late, 4 months to be exact but I’ve been busy, busy doing not a whole heap except ‘belittling’ painters and decorators via email which has taken up more time than I care to think and is worth. (Long story but hopefully a blog about this soon, just need to run it by the lawyers first.)
Times are tuff and the old credit crunch and global recession is hitting hard, even more so in the surfing industry. Surfers, filmers and photographers just haven’t got the extra cash to spend on trips and projects these days. For example before I headed to Ireland I flicked through my contact list to see if I could get someone to shoot ‘hey mate its cotty, how’s things? I’m off to Ireland to get some waves fancy coming along and shooting?’ ‘What’s the chart looking like and who else is going?’ ‘um not great and it’s just me’.......(silence) ‘hello’ ‘hello’ just more silence prevailed so I called back but it only rang once then went straight to answer phone?! Very strange I thought, This happened 2 or 3 times to various people before I rang Richard Gregory from Wave dreamer, ‘oh Andrew this sounds amazing’ he said in his enthusiastic manner that he always seems to have ‘I can lend you a camera’ ‘Richard you’re not quite getting it I’m a technical disaster waiting to happen, I’m looking for some company and how can I film myself surf?’
Anyway, off I headed on a solo mission to Ireland, loaded with boards, wetsuits and a GoPro camera, like the one man band I used to fascinate with when I was 7 who played outside dingles in Plymouth.
The reality of life reared its ugly head and I was dealt a shitty hand of 2ft dribble for 10 days, combined with camping in below minus temperatures and a near death experience on the Conner Pass in Dingle, sort of goes to show that Irelands not always death pits at Riley’s, perfect Aileen’s or monster Mullaghmore. So this is what 10 days of solitude and a few waves can look like, yes it’s another GoPro clip but I hope it’s not too boring!

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  1. good to see surfers 'thinking outside the box' so to say!