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Monday, 28 June 2010

Never trust people with big hands

My Great Granny once told me ‘Hard work pays off in the future, Laziness pays off now’ and after all these years I think I know what she meant. She also once said ‘Never trust people with big hands’ but that’s got nothing to do with what I’m gunna write in this blog but if you like the sound of the first saying read on.
So the New Wavelength surf magazine has hit the shelves and yet again I have a feature in it from a trip to Portugal. ‘How the hell can you have another feature in a surf mag yet you haven’t surfed in 3 months’ I hear you say, well I went nuts last winter and although I was injured a lot (knee scenario, pelvis situation and shoulder nightmare) whenever I wasn’t and where ever the swell was on, I was chasing it. Trying desperately to make the best of it and bag that gold I’m so aimlessly and pointlessly searching for just to give me that tiny bit of happiness I so wish to have in my life.
 I made a couple of hoax calls which can happen from time to time in surfing and also experienced a couple of faux pas which kind of got me down and it felt like I was being followed round by a massive grey rain cloud just above my head while everyone else was in glorious sunshine and wave selection bliss. But like Great Gran said ‘hard work pays off in the future’ and thankfully she was right. So check out the new WL and read how happy I was on the Portugal trip.
Photo Selway/wavelength

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  1. mark dennis has got big old hands