Andrew Cotton

Monday, 5 July 2010

Loving life

So what’s this all about? Someone very funny wrote this on the back of my hire car on a trip I did last winter. Don’t worry it actually wasn’t a suicide wagon, I don’t tend to travel with a garden hose as it’s just another thing to add the excess baggage, with all my boards and other shit I usually drag round with me. Plus you could probably pick one up anywhere from a decent DIY or garden centre if you really had the impulse or felt the need.
The thing is I’m not actually that miserable and negative all the time, in fact I see myself as pretty easy going and a kind of ‘The cups half full’ kind of guy, which may be hard to believe as I have just read through some of my previous blogs I’ve written and I’d say a good 85% of them are pretty dark and a bit of a rant.
It’s just that I’m not always outwardly happy and all smiles and if I don’t know people that well I tend to be a little shy and keep myself to myself (unless I’ve had more than 2 pints) and I hate making pointless small talk when sometimes there’s just no need.
If I remember rightly I actually really enjoyed this trip, it was an odd one as the crew was pretty big which is usually something I would avoid and although the surf wasn’t epic I had fun waves and surfed my face off for a solid 7 days. The thing was though because I wasn’t out celebrating or being all stoked every day and night, everyone thought I was miserable and hating life. It was even said I was projecting my mood with anyone who was unlucky enough ride with me to wherever we were surfing that day. You could tell it was that ‘shot gun not riding with Cotty’ scenario going on as everyone knew they’d enter the car happy and if like magic came out at the final destination miserable and possibly suicidal.
Personally I honestly don’t think it was me, that dam car must have been jinxed or something along those lines because i was loving life.


  1. Don't sweat the petty. In your case, you actually charge, and sometimes people need to pigeon hole, so they can deal with people like you. I guess if you are prepared to put your neck out then people will knock you, but from all the footage I have seen of you, fair play. If you don't feel the need to speak or be overly smiley, then that's not your problem, its theirs.

  2. Had the pleasure of sharing a surf and a bite to eat with your tow partner over in N.Ireland back in April - Big Al ;)

    Shame about the surf but I'll be back. Nice blog mate.

  3. i agree with the pointless small talk, it's shit, talk something different, or a little left, do something funny, or shut up... MS

  4. i like what you've written there, i often feel the same, nice, f*^k the d*&£s that wrote that on your wagon