Andrew Cotton

Friday, 23 July 2010

Ad sense and fake tan

So this is the new Euro Analog advert starring yours truly, there’s something about featuring in an advert which is better than just having a photo in a mag and I’m all stoked out about it to be honest. When I was in my early twenties all I wanted was to get a shot in a surf mag and this felt like it was pretty unlikely to ever happen, let alone have a company use me for their advertising and actually be surfing not just standing there like a unemployed plumber trying to look freaking hot, sexy and intelligent all at the same time which can be quite hard work sometimes. My old legs do look abnormally white though which I’m not too happy about, they could of least spent some time on it and used a bit of Photoshop to make me look a little less ill, British and white. Don’t like the sun much you see and not really into that lying/sunbathing thing that so many people seem to do. Might head down to boots in the high street to get a load of that fake tan stuff and really get me tan on, I think I need it.

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