Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Responsible adult

It’s funny the initial reaction you get when you say something to someone that there not quite expecting. Over the past few weeks it’s this reaction that has got me a little paranoid, almost like I feel I’m being judged or labelled. At times I may be a bit of a loose cannon but this is just me trying to vent my frustrations on life or thats my excuse, and this highly addictive personality situation I’ve got never helps things either, but the real fact is I’m a trust worthy, reliable and responsible bloke most of the time. I’ve looked after and been responsible for friends businesses, houses, cats and dogs with no major hiccups in the past and I’m even allowed take my 2 year old nephew Freddie swimming on occasions and he bloody loves it.
 So why when I mention to anyone that I’m off to Spain next week as I’m going with the Devon team as an adult/guardian and mentor, I get this nervous laugh back usually followed by something like ‘what?’ or ‘Really?’ I just don’t get it. Surely they meant to say ‘what a bloody nice bloke you are Cotton, giving up your time and energy for free just for the benefit of the Devon youth. I hope they realise how privileged and lucky they are to have the opportunity of spending the week with a top athlete such as yourself’ or something along those lines or words to that effect.
Oh, the photo above has nothing what so ever to do with this, it’s just I wanted to post a picture of myself surfing a big fecking wave, so I did. This is me at Nelscott reef in the states. Big wave, bad line and I got ruined. But how good’s this blog thing? No rules here, makes me feel like there’s less barriers in life and eases the day to day frustrations I’m constantly faced with.
Fingers crossed with the responsibility of Spain and I’ll let you know how it all unfolds.


  1. Great post,

    Completely understand the nervous laugh from people when being the designated 'grown up' on a surf trip. But to be honest if you can tackle a wave like Nelscott you should be able to handle some groms in span!!!

  2. I don't know what the issue is...Cotty, Rannochan, Tundish n Tibbles....actually now I write it down...........