Andrew Cotton

Friday, 23 July 2010

Piece of piss

I wrote a little piece about tow surfing in the new WL and they run a little shot of me in there too. The shot was taken at Aileens last November by Pete Fleming although I see in the mag they’ve credited Arron Pierce which is unfortunate for Pete but a bonus for Arron, I’m pretty sure Pete took it as Arron’s more a cliff or boat guy and I know there was definitely no boats out there on this day. There was a few ski’s out there though but only a few of us got some waves, I shoulder hopped a couple as to be fair I was shitting it. It wasn’t the fact that it was big just the fact the Aileens is a scary place at size and to be honest aint that much of a big wave spot. It breaks wide and shuts down where as when its smaller it focuses on the inside ledge and turns into a perfect barrel, if you fall when its big here your having a serious nightmare as the rip takes you back into the wave and into the cliff, it just frightens me to think of the consequences of being stuck at the bottom of that cliff and no one being able to get you.
Any way this was my intro to tow surfing and to read the rest you’ll have to check out the mag......
Tow surfing is a piece of piss, just fork out 10 grand on a jet ski or if your clever get some clueless marketing guy from a big company to buy you one, find some stupidly shallow and dangerous slabs or wait for a massive swell and boom you’re a famous pro surfer living off lucrative sponsorship deals, thrown into the surfing hall of fame never actually even having to paddle into wave.


  1. Selway you muppet

  2. hahaha i'll claim it i'll claim it, fell sorry for Pete thou
    Kiwi Aaron