Andrew Cotton

Monday, 12 July 2010

Model behaviour and single

Check me out, ‘hot freaking shit’ you’re probably thinking. Yep been doing a bit of modelling work, one job in particular is for this high end fashion brand called Griffin, to think my ex girlfriend dumped me. To be fair, possible factors among others for this were that she thought I was a liability with the booze; her mates hated me and she was fed up with me having no money yet managing to be away whenever and where ever the surf was good. But look at me now, I’m a freaking model.
Strange and this might not be a best way to put this, but I did actually put a whole heap of love and effort into that relationship. Notably more than others in the past which even had a few of my mates getting a little worried at the fact they might lose me, as I blindly hoped, skipped and jumped down the path towards eternal bliss, marriage and kids. Nah never happened, I had my heart ripped out my chest and kicked around the cold concrete floor, before I even got the chance to get half of the way down that stupid path.
So where am I going so terribly wrong? On paper I’m not that bad, am I?
Skilled and qualified tradesman who can plumb a house or install solar panels and a full heating system, whatever takes your fancy. This also makes me generally pretty nifty around the house and with DIY situations which has got to be a positive in anyone’s books.
Surfboard shaper, glasser and sander, ok this was some time ago but these sorts of skills stay with you for life I have you know and you never know when they might come in handy.
Professional Surfer and all round nice bloody bloke, I admit this isn’t bringing in millions of pounds but it’s a passion and you only have to read through a couple of my blogs to see how happy this makes me!
And now as like iceing on this already delicious Andrew Cotton cake I’ve made it into the cut throat world of freaking modelling, well for a couple of days anyway.
Who wants to go down the boozer and celebrate, but you’ll have to pay as I’m skint and not got a penny on me, then when I get home I’ll book a flight to Ireland,  last minute of course as there’s a sneaky little chart on the cards which has fun, fun, fun written all over it........ Any nice, single girls fancy a date?


  1. I've copied and pasted this lonely hearts advert and placed on the right dating forums so we should have you hooked up in no time.....

  2. you stole the job off me

  3. i hear simon daily has the hot's for you, just a little hint ;)