Andrew Cotton

Monday, 22 March 2010


I’m abnormal, abnormally white. Somewhere along the line I must have inherited ginger genes, which isn’t a bad thing is it? I’m not ginger, well not really and neither are my parents but I’m guessing my granddad was or possibly even further back they must have been raging red heads with an abnormal white skin tone. Being abnormally white isn’t much of a problem at home as it’s a common fait amongst a lot of English folk, not that it’s a massive problem here it’s just embarrassing and harder to blend in, people stare and a couple of kids have even pointed but only a few have had the balls to comment. So what’s the photo got to do with this? Well nothing but look how much browner Selway is than me.


  1. Rage on with the redhead gene, Cotty! Nothing wrong with that!!