Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 27 March 2010

A barrell of laughs

There are a couple of things that put an instant smile on my face and make me happy, the first is obvious so i won't bore myself and just touch on the subject. Getting barrelled, heavy womping, throaty pits put a smile on my face and we’ve had a few the past few days. The second is way more interesting and entertaining, I just love taking photos of funny looking animals, they don’t have to be funny but it does help and truth be known if I had to put a percentage on either, of which i liked best with 50% being equal for fun factor it would be a hard one, maybe the bigger or deeper the barrel the more fun and bigger the smile but then again the funnier the animal or better the shot is pretty high up there too. So this is Bob and the bobettes the gineafowl and they’re pretty much the funniest animals I’ve seen since the first time I met Clive, Barry and Nigel the midget pony’s from Ireland. Bob and his crew hang out in front of the house screeching at the top of their funny little lungs from dawn to dusk then they sleep in the top of the tree to the right of the house, they used to sleep in the tree to the left but about 3 months ago Bob got sick of it and moved everyone to the right, must of just fancied a change of scenery or something along those lines as both trees are pretty similar. They also sort of like company so follow you about but as soon as you walk towards them the whole pack descends into panic and chaos and they disperse with flapping wings and squawks only to regroup and start following you again. I just love it and to top it all off they only cost about £1.60 each which has got to be the best value for entertainment and smile factor ever.

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