Andrew Cotton

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tent's on planes.

I’d been drifting in and out of sleep for about 3 hours, as you do on planes. Finding a good position until a body part loses its feeling, goes numb thus waking you up with severe pins and needles and a split second of panic that you’ll never get the movement back to the particular body part in question. Through one of these position changes I heard we had 40 minutes to landing, I didn’t even open my eyes I just sat there and pondered what I had actually heard as I’m sure they said 40 minutes till landing in...... London Heathrow? I opened my eyes to see what was going on and on the route map displayed on the little screen in front of me the plane symbol was heading back towards the UK. In my confused state I asked one of the hostesses but didn’t really get any sense just ‘yes yes we’ll be landing in Heathrow in 30 minutes now’ not a why, when or how. This brought on much speculation between myself and Selway as we tried to come up with reasons of why we had actually been in the air for nearly 5 hours but where only 30 minutes from landing in Heathrow, the one place we defiantly didn’t want to be. Selway went down the more sensible route saying ‘it’s probably some sort of minor computer/technical error or something along those lines’ but then redeemed himself by suggesting we make a little tent with the blanket between the seats and ‘have a little cuddle just in case’. I ran through the nonsensical options like ‘the captain must have left his pack lunch in London’ or ‘he forgot his mobile phone’ all of which was very unlikely but I was trying to make light of the circumstances that we were actually heading back to London. Anyway to cut a massive long nightmare short which at various points almost brought me to tears, it took us about 48 hours of travelling to get to WA, but we’re here. The suns shining and the surf looks like it’s going to be amazing and just in case you were wondering we never did make the blanket tent in between the seats.


  1. Are you down in Margaret River Cotty?

    I've got some surf filming buddies down that way if you're looking.

  2. Sound's a nightmare Cotty!
    When are you off to Ireland again?