Andrew Cotton

Friday, 19 March 2010

The pocket pat.

‘You’re not going to believe this but I must of left my driver’s licence at home’ where the words that came from Selways mouth at the airport car hire desk in Perth as he did that pocket pat thing that people do when they pretend they’re looking for something, It wasn’t a problem I’ve got mine and if I put it on my credit card you can pay me back, but now 2 days into the trip and about 15 hours of driving later I’m not so sure i believe him and feel he just blatantly looked me in the eye and lied to me. It’s like one of those situations that just niggle away at the back of your mind, tension building up more and more as time goes on and so does the driving. Things nearly came to blows today as we ended up driving down some dirt track to check out this particular spot, about 15 minutes of bumps and rock dodging with sketchy speed burst’s through patchy sand sections my patients where getting exceptionally thin, not helped by Ben’s encouraging words of wisdom ‘doing great here cotty’ ‘yeah, yeah amazing’. Going down a particularly steep bit with massive rocks and dips I panicked and decided to change lines half way through my decent, bad move, the car tipped and nose dived leaving me balancing on 2 wheels and the bumper, my deposit flashed before my eyes and the words of wisdom from Ben suddenly came to a halt as we all froze and the car became silent. Between us and the car behind we came through the experience pretty much unscathed apart from the bit where I looked like a total prat as they heaved and pushed the car for a solid minute with no success while I still had the hand brake on.

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