Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Surfing Mennie Waves

About 6 months ago I was at the ‘Funder zone’ in Barnstaple with my little nephew Freddie, generally having a brilliant time going down the massive slide they’ve got there and hanging out in the ball pool which coincidently Freddie is still a little un sure of, he’s not even 2 yet you see and these things take time. My phone goes and at a glance I see its Al, we generally spend a lot of time on the phone as it’s that long distance relationship thing we got going. During the conversation which was a lot about nothing he just casually drops in ‘oh yeah and I’ve just finished writing my book’ I almost didn’t pick up on it at first and he actually had to repeat it before I heard him properly. I was sort of stuck for words but in the back of my brain was thinking ‘yeah right big man, stroll on your having a laugh’ and ‘who on earth is going to want to read a book about you? You ain’t no Katie Price mate’ but as the conversation went on I realised how serious he was and I refrained from speaking my mind and went with the flow. Obviously he mailed me over a draft for a seal of approval, problem is I’m not much of a reader, got this short attention span thing going on and nothing really goes in, words merge into one and lines blur and I find myself just starring into thin air, I think that’s why I did so badly at school. Once I did start reading it though I couldn’t put it down, I found things out about him I never knew and it was interesting seeing his take on things we’ve done together. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired a definite good and interesting read, Fair play Al is there anything you don’t do? Check it out at

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